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HEI Internships

Each year HEI offers an opportunity to onboard an intern where they are provided a professional environment to increase their knowledge and gain experience in the local environmental sector.

2024 applications are closed


Congratulations To Our 2024 Intern

Fiona Collins

About the HEI Internship

HEI is committed to supporting local students in the environmental sector as they start their careers. We know it is an exciting time for you to be finalising your studies and entering the workforce. We also know it can be challenging as you face the unknown and begin to navigate the professional world.

The HEI Internship will  give you firsthand experience working with a broad range of environmental professionals on the HEI Committee, and an opportunity to gain confidence and skills engaging with industry professionals as you help plan and host seminars and networking events.

The HEI Internship is a sponsored position. Our generous HEI members and corporate sponsors will provide up to $1000 for the eligible candidate. 

The Role of the HEI Intern 

Event Management

The intern role supports the Events Managers to prepare, coordinate, promote and execute informative seminars and networking events for the environmental sector in the Hunter. You will improve your event management and professional communication skills.  

Committee Support

The Intern role supports the HEI Committee to run their monthly committee meetings. You will learn how to engage professionally in a diverse team and gain confidence to participate in meetings. You will also learn essential skills such as taking meeting minutes and preparing sub-committee reports. 

Networking and Mentoring

The Intern role is a fantastic opportunity to work alongside established and highly capable environmental professionals in the Hunter region. You will receive ongoing mentorship from HEI Committee Members. You will begin building a network of local environmental professionals from a broad range of fields.

Time Commitment

It is expected that HEI Interns will be available for a total of ~45hrs between April and December:

  • 4x events (~4hrs each);

  • 9x monthly committee meetings (~1hr each);

  • ~2-4hrs per month preparation and management work; and

  • ~2hrs per month mentor meetings.  

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